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Summary of Qualifications

  • Technology and process leader with 20 years development experience.
  • Pragmatic team player that thrives on producing tangible results that add real benefit.


Major League Baseball - Senior Director, Boulder, CO (Jan 2020 - present)

Voyant - Senior Director Software Engineering, Boulder, CO (May 2017 - Jan 2020)

  • Acquired, hired and lead software teams to support rapid growth.
  • Rolled out a sensible and effective implementation of scrum process across my 6 teams.
  • Architected and developed next generation 911 solutions.
  • Wrote a Java Netty application to maintain legacy 911 binary protocol connections.
  • Wrote an extensible SIP call router using Java and Netty handling 2500 calls per second across 8 nodes in production.

Time Warner Cable - Senior Engineer, Denver, CO (Oct 2010 - May 2017)

  • Lead engineer on 2 PCI customer portal applications written in Groovy and Grails.
  • Residential and commercial portal development in Groovy and Grails.
  • Scala RESTful JSON middleware to support portals integrating a dozen back-end systems.
  • Designed and implemented edge web services backing the first cable iPad application to stream real-time video content. The application and service was awarded the 2011 Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Philo T. Farnsworth Award.
  • Wrote Android demo application featured in Samsung keynote at the 2011 CES.

Dash Carrier Services - Principal Architect, Denver, CO (Jun 2007 - Oct 2010)

  • Collaborated with business and leadership to establish a domain model and database schema to run a VoIP and 911 geo-spatial call routing systems.
  • Created architecture and design for the entire software solution.
  • Managed a 6 engineer team built by hiring and integrated from acquisition.
  • Lead agile process as scrum master, aligning work with strategic and tactical business goals.
  • Communicated with customers to make sure they could use our API.
  • Wrote software to dynamically pick vendors for phone traffic and 911 service provisioning based on least cost.

OpenLogic - Senior Engineer, Broomfield, CO (Dec 2006 - Jun 2007)

  • Evaluated open source software and normalize it into distributable packages with Groovy.
  • Java web app development with JSF, SOAP, Hibernate, Spring and Geronimo.

Avaya - Member of Technical Staff, Westminster, CO (Nov 2004 - Dec 2006)

  • Integrated Lotus Domino Sametime groupware and Avaya voice conferencing system.
  • Wrote JBI components and JMX MBeans for an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Level 3 - Senior Engineer, Broomfield, CO (Feb 2000 - Nov 2004)

  • Wrote the first SOA service at Level 3 to support tracking of network inventory.
  • ReST and SOAP SOA authoring and consumption with J2EE back-end.
  • Used MapQuest and MS MapPoint geocoding services to ensure location data integrity.
  • ORM Persistence layer design and implementation against Oracle.
  • Web and J2EE API development, deployment, build automation and configuration.

ASD Interactive - Application Developer, Morton, IL (Apr 1999 - Feb 2000)

  • Java E-commerce development IBM WebSphere and DB2.

Affina - Programmer / Analyst, Peoria, IL (Dec 1997 - Apr 1999)

  • Oracle data warehousing analysis and data extraction from de-normalized RDBMS.
  • Python CGI development and markup conversion.

US Marines - Infantry Rifleman, Security Forces, Secret Clearance (1990 - 1994)


Languages and APIs

  • Java (FP with Java8), JMS, J2EE, EJB, iBatis, JDBC, Hibernate, JSP, Struts2, Spring (DI, AOP, DAO, Security)
  • Groovy, Grails, Python (Django , CGI, PIL), Jython, Ruby, Rails
  • Scala, Lift, Play, Finagle
  • Spring, Spring-Boot, Hystrix
  • SQL, Stored Procedures, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Hazelcast
  • Netty,
  • gradle, sbt, Maven 2, Ant
  • jUnit, Spock, EasyMock, Mockito, jUnitPerf, Selenium-IDE (and selenium-java), Cobertura, Jacoco, Pitest
  • ReST (JRA), SOAP (CXF, Axis2, JAXWS), XML

Platforms and Tools

  • Tomcat, Apache, Nginx, JBoss, ServiceMix ESB, BEA Weblogic
  • Linux (primarily Debian based), most types of Unix, MacOS
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, HSQLDB, Oracle, DB2
  • IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, VIM, OmniPlan, OmniGraffle
  • Paw, SOAPUI, VisualVM, Charles Proxy, Burp Suite, Wireshark, Subversion, git, Jenkins