This book is about an IT manager. I don’t want to give spoilers because even though the book isn’t perfect I think that anyone in the software business should read it. To that end I don’t want to ruin the book for you.

The Good

In many of the situations that came up in the book I was reminded of very similar things that have happened to me in my career. The situations were similar in the technical nature of what happened. They all seemed very plausible and relatable.

There were also things that happened that were driven by the business that felt familiar. Companies and IT departments often find themselves doing sub-optimal things for very compelling reasons. Again, these types of situations were very relatable.

The book is well crafted to translate the lean practices from manufacturing into software. It all lines up a little bit too nice but it is quite instructional.

The Bad

Even if you get it, the likelyhood that you will end up in an organization that is receptive to some good lean and devops practices is remote. It’s even more remote that you will find yourself in the right position in such a company.

The Conclusion

Even if you won’t be able to change your IT organization the week after you read this book I still think you should read this book. You should get as many of your co-workers to read this book as possible.