Here are my PRs at the end of the year:

  • Press: 205
  • Dead: 365
  • Bench: 275
  • Squat: 315


Still trucking along on 5/3/1. I think I’m going to stick with the template for this lifetime. The undulation is probably good for someone that is getting older, being able to not go heavy all of the time. As I said last year, it’s a perfect mix of structure and flexibility.



I felt a tweak in my shoulder while going heavy sometime mid-year so I lowered the weights and decided to work back up to a 205 max. Although my progress in the press has gone well I don’t feel the need to go any higher. Of course 225 is calling but it’s an uneasy feeling to have 205 pounds above your head, at least for me.


My dead has stayed still for a year. I’ve kept the weight at 365 for almost a year. I think I have more in the tank but it’s still slow to get up.

I continue to be a fan of the barbell hip thrust. I started at 65 pounds and after increasing the weight by 5 pounds every workout I’m now doing 3 sets of 10 reps at 315 pounds.


To review what was wrong with my bench, I used a wide grip while trying to chase numbers. It was stupid. Keeping a more narrow grip gives you more longevity so if you aren’t competing it just makes sense. Especially given the shoulder problems I have from dislocating my shoulder while snowboarding.

So I brought the numbers way down and worked up to a 275 single. Like the other lifts, feels like there’s more in the tank but now the game is being injury free.


There isn’t much you can do in the gym that is more of a head-trip than the squat. It’s really the main lift where I have to summon the demons to prepare myself. But as with the other lifts I usually marvel at how easy it was to get up the weight.

On to 2015

My goal is to keep the weight where it is but figure out a way to motivate myself such that getting leaner is part of the picture. I don’t want to switch to looking at scale weight and lose sight of strength numbers.

Besides that I want to maintain my strength and remain injury free. I might dabble a little with what would make up a minimal effective dose of training to stay where I’m at.