Squat Fail

For squats, it works best when you come up from the bottom at least as many times as you go down. This month, I had some trouble getting out of the hole. Luckily I had the camera on me. I’ve been getting video more often because I want to keep an eye on my depth.

Although I’m getting close to where I want to be with my lifts I think I have stalled out a bit.

I had been approaching 315 but given my little stumble here I decided to lower the weights and gradually work my way back up. An even 315 will have to wait for another few months.

What Happened

A buddy that saw the video noticed that my heels came up a bit such that I was on the balls of my feet.

  • some bad shoulder mobility
  • bar placement higher than normal
  • back angle was too forward for the high bar placement
  • ended up on the balls of my feet and lost my balance

Besides lowering the weight I need to focus on sitting back into the squat. Keeping the weight on my heels.