Home Gym

It all started with some bro leisurely doing super-sets that included chain curls in the only available squat rack that uses standard weights (non metric). It was my squat day, oh man. I lifted at Red’s for a year and it’s alright, but their equipment setup is goofy. No wonder they have so many machines as opposed to barbells and plates; no one puts anything away at Red’s.

So I started to put together a home gym. I have a horrible barbell that I got for free. I have a set of hi-temp bumper plates (recycled tires) from Rogue and a bench and squat stand from Valor. I got some small standard weights for Ryder’s birthday this year. Those are good for shoulder dumbell work. Also I had a few kettlebellls. I’m able to get in everything I need with this equipment, it’s awesome.

Workouts are going great. The weather in Louisiana is awesome this time of year we’ll see how it is when it gets very hot this summer and when it gets chilly in the following winter. What’s especially cool is on week 4 of 5/3/1 where you’re de-loading. I don’t have to drive 15 minutes each way to the gym just to kind of go through the motions and not push myself too hard.

Home gym

Too Aggressive

With 5/3/1 you’re supposed to up your upper body lifts by 5 lbs and lower body lifts by 10 lbs every month. For April I decided to up my deadlift by 15 lbs and my press by 10 lbs. For those exercises I was hitting 10 reps for week 3 of 5/3/1 regularly and I thought I should bump it up more quickly.

April numbers

  • pres: 170x6 (197 C1RM)
  • deadlift: 330x3 (349 C1RM)
  • bench: 270x5 (304 C1RM)
  • squat: 270x3 (286 C1RM)


I still get video of my squat and put it online, especially on the 5/3/1 week. I really want to keep myself honest here. This shot is kind of low, off of my bench but I can see my thigh make a brief appearance above my hip crease so I think I’m in good shape.