Orlando 2019

We finally did the Orlando thing. At first we planned on surprising the boys but we thought we might have trouble keeping a secret and we wanted them to be a part of planning the trip. When we finally told them they were surprised because they have heard from me that we weren’t ever going to go to Disney.

Magic Kingdom was a blast. The rides are really fun. It’s a great mix of thrilling rollercoaster and animatronics. Hollywood Studios was alright, the slinky ride was fun. Epcot had a lot to see but the boys were less into that. Disney Springs was just some shopping but we got more good food and relaxed a bit more. Animal Kingdom had the Pandora ride, that was okay. Courtney lined up character meals almost every day in Disney. The most fun was the Lilo and Stitch one.

I was surprised at how much I liked Universal Studios, particularly the Harry Potter stuff. I’m not a huge fan but they just did a great job of creating that world. It made us want to binge watch all the movies again.