Caribbean Cruise 2019

In March we took our 2nd cruise the with boys. This time we did the Western Caribbean. Leaving Galveston we went to Honduras, Belize and Cozumel Mexico.

In Honduras we learned the value of a private beach. We had some fun but the local vendors were just too much. We got some good food and found out that none of us like papaya.

Although we’ve had Belize as a port of call before we’ve never really gone into the country. We took a fun trip to a zoo. We learned a lot about Belize from the tour guide, it’s great to see people that are proud of their country. Belize doesn’t really have beaches unless you get some island excursion so after the zoo we went to a hoky man-made beach. It was weird.

In Cozumel we went to Playa Mia, we had fun, good food, beach time and those neat beach inflatable obstacle things.