We had another awesome year.


The Boys

Bodhi is still in Cub Scouts but as of now Ryder hasn’t joined a Boy Scout troop.

Ryder started at a STEM magnet school that goes from grade 6 through 12. So he’s on a campus with much older kids. Both of the boys are doing good in school. The schools are on the other side of town so getting them there is rough on Courtney.

The boys are still having fun with BJJ at headkicks. Ryder has been in the elite program at Headkicks for some time because he takes it seriously. Bodhi has always been a great competitor but in class he sometimes had a hard time focusing. At the end of this year Bodhi finally was nominated to get into the elite classes. This means he gets paired with more serious kids in class, gets to wear a blue gi and on every other Friday he joins the elite kids for some additional training. At the same time Bodhi moved up to Ryder’s class. It’s a lot easier on our schedule. So far Bodhi’s rising to the occasion.

Whenever we get a chance, usually once a week, the boys work out. We have a game where they pick exercises, we do a few rounds and for each set they throw darts to figure out the number of reps. The boys really like it. For Ryder we’ve started doing something different. He’s doing barbell lifts (press, deadlift, bench, squat) and we’re slowly progressing the weight. We’re focusing on good form so that when the hormones kick in he can safely get strong.


Courtney is still incredibly busy. Her days are full as she continually finds ways to volunteer at the boys schools and in the community through various organizations like the Junior League.

We had a chance to ride in a Mardi Gras parade with Krewe of Rendezvous in Lafayette. It was a lot of fun.


I’m up to a 3rd stripe on my little BJJ white belt. I’m not where one should be but it’s a little difficult with travel. I’m still having a lot of fun learning, it’s very physically and mentally challenging. We’re very fortunate to have a great gym close to our home. It’s great to do an activity that the boys are also into.


I’m still a Sr Director at Voyant in charge of some teams and awesome software engineers primarily in Boulder but we have a guy in Florida and a few people in Brazil. I travel about twice a week. In 2018 I logged 90 days at Hyatt hotels alone.