Alaskan Cruise 2018

We did an Alaskan cruise. We flew from Lafayette to Seattle. We stayed in Seattle for a couple days and messed around downtown, do Pike Place and all that. While we were having dinner at one point Courtney and I started talking about passports. There we were, far from home we came to the conclusion that we probably should have brought our passports with us. Before then we sort of assumed that the cruise going from Seattle to Alaska with 1 stop in Canada wouldn’t require us to get passports. Indeed, after Dinner we investigated and Royal Caribbean confirmed that we need to have passports.

From there we went into crisis mode. We asked the gal that was watching our pets to get into our documents and fax birth certificates and passports to a bank in Seattle. There an employee of the bank was kind enough to notarize those copies. We took those to embarkation and after pulling in about a handful of other people they decided that we were legit enough to get on the boat. I haven’t been that nervous in a long time. Even after we were on, we were just waiting for them to call our name, sure that we were going to get escorted off the boat.

This was the first cruise for the boys. They had a lot of fun, although an Alaskan Cruise probably isn’t the most kid friendly cruise you can take. Making our way to Juneau you travel in between islands skirting the coast. The waters are so calm, you’re not out on the open ocean. That was different than the other cruises we’ve done in the Gulf of Mexico.

In Juneau we did a whale watching excursion. It didn’t fail to produce some whale fins. We saw lots of amazing wildlife and got close to a glacier. The mountains are just huge in Alaska.

In Skagway we took a ride up to see sled dogs. The boys had fun, it was cool to see the dogs doing what they love.

For our last stop we went to Victoria, British Columbia. It’s a beautiful city. The tour took us to their Parliament building.

When we were coming back through customs I was all prepared to tell the immigration guys our story. They took a look at us and said we were all obviously Americans and waved us off.