It’s hard to not feel extreme gratitude for how 2017 treated us. We joke that we have the family videos to prove to our kids in the future that indeed they didn’t have traumatic childhoods.


Business Travel

  • Tons of trips to Boulder
  • San Antonio for the NENA (National Emergency Number Association)
  • Plymouth, Minnesota to meet co-workers in the area
  • Austin to meet co-workers from there, Brazil and Florida

The Boys

The boys are spending most of their time doing BJJ at headkicks.

They’re still in the cub scouts but events seem to fall on dates that we have other plans.

Both boys got accepted to J Wallace James elementary school. It’s a magnet school with an emphasis on the arts and STEM. It’s on the other side of town and it’s a different group of kids but the boys like the curriculum. Bodhi likes the art things they do and for Ryder it might improve his chances of getting into a middle-school that focuses on STEM.


Courtney is keeping very busy with volunteering at school. She also continues to volunteer with the Junior League of Lafayette and Bodhi’s cub scout den among other things.


I finally got my layoff from Charter, formerly Time Warner Cable earlier in the year. My current role is a Sr Director in charge of a couple software engineering teams based out of Boulder, Colorado. We have much to do but the organization’s leadership and team are awesome. That has me traveling every 2-3 weeks for a few days at a time.


I started training BJJ 2-3 times a week since March. It’s a lot of fun, I used to train a little in Colorado but I’ve never done it with the gi. I thought that I wouldn’t like the gi but I prefer it now. I think the gi also favors slower and stronger people which is pretty much me.