The Neidetcher family had a great 2016. I put together a video. I aspire to create yearly family review videos on the level of what my home-skillet Tim Berglund pumps out. For now I’ll punt with the audio commentary.

Mardi Gras

We were able to attend a couple Mardi Gras balls in Baton Rouge at the invitation of some friends. We also went to local Mardi Gras parades. For those not in the Louisiana area Mardi Gras parades are plenty of fun but they are more of a family event than the debauchery you find in New Orleans.


We went to Pensacola a whopping 3 times this year. We’ll probably dial it back but we had fun every time. It takes about 5 hours to drive there, the beaches are awesome and the setup suits us perfectly. The boys have an expectation that a typical day will involve a breakfast buffet, morning at the beach, lunch, maybe a nap, then time at the pool and then some dinner. This is the first year we took the flashlights out to look for crabs at night. Bodhi wasn’t excited to realize you’re surrounded by crabs in the sand.

New Pool

We added a pool to our back yard. It’s medium sized. We have a good amount of concrete around the pool, plenty of area to entertain and generally walk around without shoes.

Caden & Mom

My oldest son Caden was able to come out to Louisiana from Oregon. We were also able to get my mom down from Illinois. We went to Avery Island to see the Tabasco factory and check out the wild life. He tried a lot of local food. We used our pool and made a trip to the firing range. Courtney’s dad, Allen, took us for a boat ride in the Atchafalaya Basin.


Ryder and Bodhi both did Spring and Fall baseball.

Bodhi started the year in gymnastics. We lucked out in that Headkicks, a martial-arts school opened up very close to our house. So the boys both enrolled in BJJ and Judo. They both are having a great time. Ryder may get more serious with it, Bodhi might peel off to do baseball.

Ryder and Bodhi have been going to piano lessons on Mondays. Bodhi might be a little young for the piano so in the coming year we’ll try the drums. Ryder enjoys the piano though. At the end of the year he had a little recital.


This is Bodhi’s first year as a Cub Scout. He’s a Tiger and Courtney is the den mom. Both of the boys have a great time with scouting. It’s a good activity that forces us to do things we wouldn’t otherwise do.

Ryder and I went to a primitive fire making class on our own. It rained the night before the class so it was challenging. Some other people in the class were able to create fire but we just got some smoke. Besides just the fire-making we got a good appreciation for how to use a knife in working wood.


Courtney and I did our first cruise. We left from Galveston about 3 hours from our home in Lafayette. The first stop was Honduras. We got over to a private beach, got some local food and checked out some animals. From there it was Belize. There we went to a very small private island to do some snorkeling. The last port was Cozumel Mexico where we toured some ruins and went to a beach.

It was fun just to see what it was all about. The ship is like being at a casino. There are lots of restaurants and things to do. We went to lots of shows which were more awesome than I thought they would be. I had some slight sea sickness. The motion is good when you’re trying to sleep, it was liked being rocked in a cradle. For about a week after the cruise I still felt like I was walking on the ship.

New Orleans

Before Christmas we went to New Orleans to see a production of The Grinch. We took the trolley from downtown to the Audobon Zoo. We had fun at the zoo.