At work they had us take the Gallup StrengthsFinder test to see what our strengths are. I figured they paid for it, why shouldn’t the whole world benefit from knowing what my strengths are according to Gallup.

I don’t imagine much will be done with this data but my co-workers and I compared our results and they were accurate. Here they are in priority order.


Indeed I like to learn. Programming is a great career for someone who likes to learn. I like to be pragmatic about it, learning what I need to get something done and do the right things.

In my personal life I see the same thing. I cycle through different things to study, right now it’s amateur radio and a distant second of learning the guitar. I don’t read fiction because I’d rather be learning stuff, sure there are great rebuttals to that statement.

The Gallup description says that sometimes for a learner the process is more significant than the result. I’d like to think that’s not the case with me. I believe I am more pragmatic and that I get amped up about applying what I learn to solve problems. That’s when the payoff is.


Yeah this is me too. I think about the long-term results of decisions and wether or not we will come to regret them. I have a strong pull to share these views.


The Gallup copy explains this strength as needing continual success. This one fits as well. I know that I sometimes say ‘we need a win’ or ‘they need a W on the board’. If I’m being honest with myself, this isn’t all the time. I need to be engaged and bought into what is happening. I set goals for myself and I feel good about achieving them, peronsally and professionally.


I also hear myself say ‘we need to make forward progress’. So yeah this one is appropriate too. When I get my head wrapped around a problem I get a tight grip on it.


I guess this fits as well. As with ‘achiever’ I honestly need to be invested in the endeavor before I attach that responsibility. If something is out of my area or if there are other folks running with it I do see myself not exercising this strength.