After driving up the Pacific Coast of Oregon and before going to OSCON in Portland we took a few days to see Seattle.

Once we got settled in the room we drove downtown to catch a ferry ride to Tillicum Village. Once we got off the ferry they gave us a mug of steamed clams. I nibbled on a bit, Ryder liked them a lot. After that you make your way to have a nice dinner of smoked salmon. I generally don’t like fish but I tried the salmon, it was good, I can see the appeal. Then they put on a show of dances and talk about local native American mythology. After that you hang out and get back on the boats.

The next day we drove down to Pike Place Market. That’s where the fish market is. We walked through that, it was crowded and touristy. The fish mongers were nice, great ambassadors to the city. We also went to the first Starbucks. No video of that, the only thing different between that and other Starbucks is that the line took 40 minutes instead of 10 minutes.

Then we went to the Seattle EMP Museum. I guess you could say it’s a museum dedicated to contemporary culture. There was a Star Wars costume exibit with many original costumes from the movies.

Besides that there was an exhibit on indy games. I’m not much of a gamer but it was fun to see the visual things indy game creators are doing. The kids had fun playing the games.

Then we went up the Space Needle. It was confusing, we tried to get tickets and they said they were sold out until 10PM. Courtney managed to ask around and get reservations for the restaurant up there almost immediately and after you eat you can hang around on the observation deck. So it worked out great, the restaurant spins around once every 50 minutes.

Finally on our way to Portland we stopped off at Crystal Mountain to take a gondola ride up for a view of Mt Rainier and Mt St Helens. We had lunch at a nice restaurant at the top of the life and took in the views, great detour.