We did Florida for a week. Then we were home in Louisiana for a couple weeks. Then the whole family took a trip to the Pacific Northwest to see the coast.

After flying into Portland we drove to Lincoln City. Great access to the beach, the boys saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time. We went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. Then we went whale watching. We saw whales come up for air but we didn’t see any tails. The Pacific was choppy.

Then we set off for Cannon Beach. On the way we went to the Tilamook Cheese Factory. We got to see how cheese was made and sampled some. Not a destination you’d want to migrate to but it was on the way. On to Cannon Beach, this is where you can get to Haystack Rock. It’s a very iconic, huge rock sticking out of the beach. It’s very picturesque but pictures don’t do it justice. While we were there we saw a rescue. I included it in the home video.

After that we went to Astoria. That’s where The Goonies was filmed. We walked to the house featured in the movie and Bodhi did the truffle shuffle. It’s a quaint sea side town that time forgot. It also has The Columbia River Maritime Museum, we learned about shipping, boats and what the Coast Guard does. We were able to tour a retired Coast Guard vessel that was used to just be a light-house off the coast. That’d be some boring duty.