MONEY Master the Game - Tony Robbins

I heard his interview on the Tim Ferriss podcast and decided to read the book. 30% bragging about who he has helped, 30% building up what he’s going to tell you and then 30% on actual good, actionable personal financial advice. Oh also there is some cross-marketing of services that are promoted in the book that Tony Robbins I would assume benefits from. It’s not in your face but it’s there.

The premise of the book is that he saw so many people get wiped out in 2008 that he’s curious about what’s going on and what the common man can do to not get screwed again. To this end he is able to get an audience with a lot of high performing financial guys. He interviews them and gets some good information.

The price of the book on Kindle was worth that 30%. What I liked most was the allocations that he gets. The book has motivated to get more serious about retirement and allocations. Otherwise, lots of sound advice.

Some take aways

  • Just use low fee index funds that track the market in your 401k.
  • Set up an annual increase plan to automatically bump your partipation percentage.
  • His allocations split between US bonds, stocks, gold and commodities.

Zero to One - Peter Thiel

Great book. I found myself laughing a few times. Peter Thiel is a highly successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist. The book offers his perspective on what makes a good business from a lot of perspectives. It challenges some conventional notions about what make good businesses. The book also gives insight into how VCs operate and evaluate companies they fund.

Some take aways

  • The lionization of competition is not useful for business, a good business has a virtual monopoly.
  • Good founders are outliers and should have a prior history.
  • To be compelling, your offering should be a 10x improvement over your competition.