i bought the pdf version of the book. if you haven't bought a pdf book from the pragmatic programmers they give you a customized book complete with your name on each page. to do this processing it takes a few minutes before you can actually download your book. your name in the book is to discourage you from throwing it up on some p2p system i'm sure.

the book was great, i felt the same way as when i read the pragmatic programmer. there were lots of moments where the author said things that seem obvious but it's always good to get validation. even tho a lot of the information should be a given to anyone in the tech business the book serves as a kick in the pants to motivate you into change.

the book was well worth the price for the information that was new to me. it wasn't so much new information but insightful things you can do to improve yourself.

here are some good points from the book:

it's worth mentioning that the author has reverence for people in india. he appreciates the culture and reminds us that they are intelligent as their stateside counterparts. he reminds the reader that most indian workers are highly motivated to improve their standard of living. the author also gives you insight into establishing a good relationship with distributed teams.

there's lots more wisdom in the book. in the process of reading the book i've made a checklist of things i want to do to improve myself professionally; books to read, tasks to do and things to learn. ...yeah, i know i'm so cool, seriously tho, that might be a good way to approach the book. as i said, the book is worth the price especially if you're getting the pdf ($13).

My Job Went to India: And All I Got Was This Lousy Book (Pragmatic Programmers)